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本文摘要:人教版英语初二上册第二单元短语Unit 2:How often do you exercise?一、课前温习短语1 . on weekends 在周末 I like to play pingpong on weekends. 我喜欢在周末打乒乓球。2 . go shopping 去购物Would you like to go shopping with me? 你要和我一起去购物吗?


人教版英语初二上册第二单元短语Unit 2:How often do you exercise?一、课前温习短语1 . on weekends 在周末 I like to play pingpong on weekends. 我喜欢在周末打乒乓球。2 . go shopping 去购物Would you like to go shopping with me? 你要和我一起去购物吗?3 . watch TV 看电视 Don't watch TV after school. Do you homework first. 放学后不要看电视,先做作业。

4 . go to the movies 去看影戏My family go to the movies every month. 我们家每个月都市去看影戏。5 . be free 有空 Are you free now, Jim? Jim,你现在有空吗?6. have class 上课Children have many classes on weekdays. 孩子们每周要上许多课。

7 . play tennis 打网球They play tennis every week. 他们每周都要打网球。8 . play soccer 踢足球9 . stay up late 熬夜Last night, I stayed up late. I am so tired now. 昨天我熬夜了,现在好累。10 . go to bed early 早点睡He went to bed early and got up early in the past. 他已往早睡早起。

11 . go camping 去野营 I want to go camping in autumn. 我想秋天去野营。12 . play sports 举行体育运动Sam plays sports every day. Sam 天天都运动。13 . not at all 一点也不 I don't like ice-cream at all. 我一点也不喜欢吃冰激凌。14 . in one’s free time 在某人空闲时间What do you do in you free time? 你空闲时都做些什么?15 . what/how about...? ...怎么样? What about some salad? 来点沙拉怎么样? 16 . want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 My mom wants me to get up early every day. 我妈妈想让我天天早上都早起。


17 . How many 有几多How many footballs do you have? 你有几个足球?18 . What’s your favorite...? 你最喜欢的...是?What's your favorite subject? 你最喜欢的学科是什么?19 . It is + adj. for sb. to do sth. 做某事对于某人来说是... It is easy for me to swim. 游泳对我来说很简朴20. do morning exercises 做早操We do morning exercise at 7:30. 我们7:30做早操。本单元需要掌握短语:1 . how often 多久一次(问频率) How often do you go online? 你多久上一次网?2 . help with housework 资助做家务 Do you help with the housework? 你会帮助做家务吗?3 . once a week 一周一次I play sports once a week. 我一周运动一次。4 . twice a month 一月两次I have art class twice a month. 我一个月上两次美术课。

5 . three times a week 一周三次I can watch TV three times a week. 我一周可以看三次电视。6 . four to six times a week 一周四到六次 I read books four to six times a week. 我每周阅读4-6次。7 . use the Internet 用互联网 Tim uses the Internet every Sunday. Tim 每周天使用电脑。8 . go online 上网I go online for studying. 我上网学习。

9 . hardly ever 险些从不He hardly ever eats junk food. 他险些从不吃垃圾食物。10 . game shows 游戏类节目Most students like game shows.大多数学生都喜欢游戏类节目。11 . swing dance 摇摆舞 12 . at least 至少 He plays chess at least three times a week. 他一周至少下三次国际象棋。

13 . go to the dentist 看牙医 Sara goes to the dentist every month. Sara每个月都要去看牙医。14 . be good for 对...有利益 Vegetables are good for you health. 蔬菜有益康健。15 . the most popular 最受接待的 He is the most popular super star.他是最受接待的超级明星。

16 . such as 例如,好比We like sports, such as basketball.我们喜欢运动,好比篮球。17 . old habits die hard 旧习难改 18 . more than 多于,凌驾 More than 80% percent of the students play computer game.凌驾80%的学生都玩电脑游戏。

19 . less than 少于,不足Less than 20% percent of the students play sports every day.不足20%的学生天天都磨炼。20. help sb. with sth. 资助某人某事 She often helps me with math.她经常在数学方面资助我。21 . ask sb. (about) sth. 询问某人某事 My teacher asked me about my weekends.老师询问了我关于周末的事情。22 . by doing sth. 通过做某事Keep healthy by eating more vegetables. 多吃蔬菜可以保持康健。

23 . the (best) way to do sth. 做某事的(最好)方式 The best way to learn English is to read aloud.学习英语最好的方式是高声读出来。24 . junk food 垃圾食品25. keep healthy = keep in good health 保持康健 To keep healthy is readly hard.想要保持康健真的不容易。

26. eating habit 饮食习惯She asked me about my eating habit. 她询问了我的饮食习惯。#英语# #学浪计划# #基础英语# #我们一起学英语#。